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Redmond to Bellevue Link Light rail opens April 27

Line 2 of Link Light Rail system is first phase of Eastside link

Sound Transit announced Feb. 15 that the initial segment of the Link 2 Line will open to passenger service on April 27. 

The 6.5-mile segment of the East Link Extension includes eight new stations in Bellevue and Redmond. This initial segment will terminate at the South Bellevue Station at the west end, and the Redmond Technology Station on the east. Two-car trains will run every 10 minutes, 16 hours a day.

The line will eventually cross Lake Washington via the I-90 floating bridge, with that segment scheduled to open in 2025.

In addition the Line 1 extension into Lynnwood will open later this year. That will provide service from Lynnwood to Angle Lake south of SeaTac airport.

Source: Sound Transit press release

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