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The Kenmore Community Club is now fully open for rentals following the governor's and King County guidelines for re-opening. Under current fully open guidelines the hall capacity is a maximum of 124 people. 

The Kenmore Community Club’s hall is a King County Landmark, used today as it has been for over 90 years: dances, parties, music, weddings, public speaking, memorials, and worship. In 2015 it was designated a King County Landmark, and with the help of 4Culture funding, enjoyed a renovated kitchen, floor, and beams. 

The button above will show you available days and times on our calendar (if the day is greyed out, it's not available). It is set to match our minimum rental times (4 hours Sunday through Thursday, 4 hours on Friday, 6 hours on Saturday). The hall is equipped with a 20-foot wide stage, PA system, dance floor, tables and chairs, and a kitchen for serving food prepared off site.

Keep in mind, no reservation is held until an online contract is signed and a damage deposit is cleared.


Expand for more info below:

  • Planning your event
    Here is a little more information to help plan your event at KCC! There are 124 chairs, and 22 banquet tables (6FT Rectangle) and 15 (6FT diameter round tables). Without tables, the hall can hold up to 274 people in total (fire regulations). We have a full kitchen with 2 ovens, a large dance floor and a sound system available to our renters. You can play music from phones or other devices easily. We will provide you with hooks to hang decorations, but strong tape and new holes are discouraged (the Club is 90 years old!) If there will be alcohol, you would need to get a banquet permit from the State Liquor Control Board & bring it with you on the day of event. The Club is in high demand, consequently: Sunday through Thursday there is a 2 hour minimum, Friday requires a 4 hour minimum and Saturday requires a 6 hour minimum When booking, tell us when you need access to the hall, and when you will vacate. The first and last hours are free for setup and cleanup. Here’s how to do business with KCC. Please do not visit the club in person and disturb an event in progress – we do not hold office hours on location. Use this Reserve Now function to look for open dates and reserve your date. You may also email or message us on . You may also leave a voicemail at (425) 486-1555. Your request will be reviewed for appropriate use, if approved you will be sent a link for a DocUsign contract for your event with payment information. Your booking will be confirmed only once the contract is signed and the deposit is received. To hold your reservation, you must sign a contract and pay the damage deposit within one week of signing. We do contracts online or in-person. Thirty (30) days before your event, your fees are due. Fourteen (14) days before your event is your last chance to cancel without a $125 reduction in your deposit. The damage deposit is normally $250, or $350 for parties over 50 where alcohol is served. Renters who follow the cleaning checklist in the contract receive a refund of the deposit 2-3 weeks after the event. Pay online or mail checks payable to: Kenmore Community Club 7304 NE 175th St, Kenmore, WA 98028. Call (425)486-1555 to use a credit card (an additional 3.5% + 15 cents convenience fee applies).
  • Cleanup checklist
    Renters receive full deposit refund when the hall is cleaned after the event. How to clean up and receive a full refund of your deposit. Included in your rental is one free hour for cleanup. Allow enough time for cleanup before you vacate, kindly ask your guests to depart. When clean, call our facilities manager at the number we provide you. Main Hall checklist: Sweep the stage with kitchen brooms if used. Vacuum any mess. Sweep up main floor with floor brooms in the foyer closet. Mop main floor with provided solution of vinegar/water only. Mop kitchen using blue bucket and a solution of spic-n-span. Wipe down any smudges on the stage or walls. Throw away any disposable tablecloths or other sundries. Wipe down tables and chairs and return all of them to the closet except what will fit on the chair cart and table cart in the main hall. Shut down the sound system. Wrap up microphone and cord and place on the sound system. Return all audio-visual cables. Cover piano if rented. Kitchen: Wipe clean the counters and stove top. Clean the oven if it was used. Put any KCC dishes and utensils in the dishwasher and run it. Wash coffee pot, and any KCC kitchen items and leave on drying rack. Wipe off bar area and return to back area, if moved. Remove all items from refrigerator/freezers, used or unused. Grounds: Bring in “No Parking” signs from out front and put in the foyer closet. Remove any cigarette butts or garbage guests have left outside on back deck, or front entry. Garbage: All garbage needs to be in heavy-duty bags provided, double tied. Leave in or beside the dumpster. The dumpster must be able to close and lock; take any trash that does not fit with you for disposal. Three garbage bags are included in the price; $20 per bag after 3. Take any recycling with you. Lights out and Lock up: Turn down both thermostats to 60 degrees. Pull back door shut to lock. Press “Schlage” logo on front door to lock, or call the Manager. Turn off all lights except in the foyer. Thank you for making a memory at KCC. As Kenmore’s only Landmark Building, you’ll be making use of it as people have been for over 90 years.
  • Rental rates
    Monday-Thursday, $60/hour (2hr min) Fridays, $75/hour (4hr min) Saturdays, $75/hour (6hr min) Sunday, $75/hour (4hr min) Click Reserve Now to email us an inquiry. Choose the time you need to access to the building. Included in your rental is an hour free of charge to allow for cleanup. PLEASE NOTE: No reservation is held until a contract is signed and a deposit is paid. If the event is within 14 days, all fees are also due. After you submit your inquiry, we will reply via email to finalize details for an online contract.
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