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Ferry Service to Kenmore? Take the Survey!

King County Metro is preparing a report that outlines a plan for potential future ferry service to the Kenmore and Ballard communities.  As Metro prepares the report, they are interested in how people in those communities currently travel in order to understand if passenger-only ferry service could be an option.

Because ferries are not impacted by roadway traffic, they offer a consistent and reliable travel time. The King County Council, through a budget proviso, has asked Metro to prepare and transmit a report that outlines a plan for potential future service to the Ballard and Kenmore communities. 

As part of that report, Metro is looking for feedback on how you currently travel to better understand whether a passenger-only ferry could be an option. 

Please take the survey so Metro hears from Kenmore and nearby communities! 

Source: City of Kenmore Newsletter

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