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Beam stripping begins at KCC

No it is not the latest YouTube craze, beam stripping at the Kenmore Community Club represents the latest project aimed at restoring the club's hall to its original splendor, or at least original appearance.

A small group of members spearheaded by President David Chin-Evans and joined by Jay Greening and Omur Muhittinoglu, … have been devoting hours of their free time to the back-breaking work of stripping the paint off the large 8X8 wood beams that form the part of the roofing structure. If you'd like to join in the stripping parties, contact David at

Using electric sanders and scrapers, the group has painstakingly removed the paint from three of the beams and hope to finish the project by October, when replacing the flooring will begin.

The upgrades to the appearance and functionality of the hall are all aimed at improving the attractiveness and functionality of the hall for all the Kenmore groups that rent the hall for gatherings and events.

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