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100 Kenmore neighbors come together to make scarves for Mary's Place

At this year’s 6th Annual Make Scarves for Mary's Place event OVER 100 community members came together to make no-sew fleece scarves for families experiencing homelessness (in prior years about 60 people attended). In past years volunteers made between 300-400 scarves, so organizers anticipated and prepared for a similar number this year. As more and more people showed up, they quickly realized we were going to exceed that number.

In the end, together volunteers made 624 scarves at the event!! Added to that were donations of 14 crocheted scarves, 72 crocheted hats, 9 winter coats and a bag full of toiletries. All was delivered to Mary's Place on Monday afternoon!

This was only made possible because of the donations of funds and materials from the community and the help of pre-cutting fleece - and of course everyone who came to the event. Thanks to all who contributed so much! It truly was an inspirational day full of reminders that we live in a caring and supportive community.

Source: Excerpted from Thoughtful Citizens Facebook page

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