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Youth Council volunteering boosts Kenmore community

Lower right – Sienna Evans, Avery Evans, Kaitlyn Han, Kiera Freeman

The Kenmore Community Youth Council (KCYC) has been volunteering their time this summer and taking part in fun experiences.

After kicking off the year with a successful youth art show (see newsletter article here), the council celebrated Pride Month in June by raising the Progress Flag above our Club. Modeled on the flags raised by the US State Department, the US flag flies at the top and the Pride flag below it. It's a powerful symbol that all are welcome at KCC.

However, the Youth Council noticed that our main sign was in need of a replacement. So they organized a work party to replace it with a new one ordered by the Club board of directors.

Most recently in August, the Youth Council took a trip out to the Microsoft campus to see what it's like to work there. They visited the famous "treehouse office" where employees can climb up, badge in, and work from the treetops. That same day, the Youth Council pitched in at a drive-through food giveaway organized by the International Nutritional Sustainable Partners (INSP) in Redmond. INSP has re-imagined how food banks operate by inviting folks to drive through. Each event typically sees 100-200 cars helping out as many as 1000 folks, many who are children, seniors, or disabled. It was a hot day, but KCYC played a crucial part.

The 2022 Youth Councilors are Kaitlyn Han, Kiera Freeman, Avery Evans and Sienna Evans. KCYC is in its fourth year, with elections in February. Our experiences include a mix of helping with the Club, connecting to local nonprofits and businesses, assisting in our charity events, and helping with local theater and art contests. More info here.

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