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Work on Log Boom waterfront has begun

Park Closed Until June 2022

Construction has begun on the Log Boom Park Waterfront Access and Viewing Project!

The park will be closed for construction until June 2022. This month, Road Construction Northwest will complete clearing and grubbing activities which will include demolition of the existing east-west path that will be replaced, invasive species removal in the wetlands and shoreline buffer, removal of vegetation and trees in the location where the new sandy beach will be constructed.

Of the original eight (8) trees that were identified for removal, only five (5) will be removed. The other three (3) will be protected during construction. Some of the felled trees will be reused as “habitat Logs” along the shoreline. This fall, the project will plant 111 new upland native plants including 30 large conifer trees, 17 large and 64 small deciduous trees, and over a thousand shrubs.

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