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Where's the art in April?

3 events to celebrate Poetry Month

"Poetic Impressions"

CITY GALLERY in Kenmore City Hall

APRIL - MAY 2022 18120 68th Ave NE

Showcasing the art & mechanics of a 1920’s Letter Press, owned by local poet and retired NSD teacher, Griffith H.

Williams, alongside calligraphy-inspired artworks by Kellie Moeller and Lisa Tsang.

Free & Open to the Public M-F, 9a-5p

April is Poetry Month!


APRIL 9 — 6-7pm

Jam at the 192 Lake Trail Taproom

7324 NE 175th St suite f, Kenmore

Featuring the poetry beats of Griffith H. Williams and the

East Point West Press poets.

Always family & dog friendly.

Youth Poet Laureate Contest

APR 1 - — Public Reading Competition at Speak Up Poets’ Jam

MAY 10 — Open Online Registration

May 14 Public Reading Competition at Speak Up Poets’ Jam

Exclusively eligible to Inglemoor HS Juniors only! Award $$ . Published Chapbook . Reading Engagements . Bragging Rights your Sr year!

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