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West Sammamish bridge southbound to close Jan. 4

Alternate routes to Moorlands and Inglewood neighborhoods – Credit Google Maps

On Jan. 4, 2021, the west (southbound) bridge will close for demolition and all traffic (both directions) will be moved to the east bridge.

The bridge will be closed permanently and demolished. Until the replacement bridge is completed sometime in October all traffic north and southbound will be routed onto the East bridge.

Traffic congestion is expected and residents are asked to plan alternative routes. To help with congestion there will be uniformed police officers directing traffic at 68th and 175th.

The primary alternate route to the Moorlands area is to take 96th/Waynita Way NE to Simonds Road and then take a right onto northbound Simonds Road.

If you are heading to Bastyr University/St. Edwards Inglewood neighborhood, take a left from northbound Simonds Road onto NE 155th St. to Juanita Dr.

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