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West Sammamish bridge project nears major milestone

Girder installation nearly complete

Credit City of Kenmore eNews

Four more tub girders spanning the waterway were placed on south end of the West Sammamish bridge, May 11. The beams run parallel to the roadway and support the roadway and transfer weight onto the bridge columns.

Three of the five spans (with four girders each) are now set. The last two spans will be done during the in-water work or ‘fish window’ later this summer when concrete pours for the portions of the deck are built.

In the meantime, the blue railing on the east bridge has been installed. The railing will be mirrored on the completed west bridge, with the addition of a viewing platform and other aesthetic improvements.

The completed bridge together with the Sidewalks and Waterway projects will provide a new bike lane, pedestrian promenade, and a viewing platform to enhance traveler experiences.

For more information and construction updates check the Kenmore Construction website.

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