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Whoops! April In-person potluck delayed to April 20!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

April 20 potluck to feature a look at Kenmore's antique printer East Point West Press

Updated 4/5/2022

The April potluck has been DELAYED due to scheduling conflict. Join us April 20 at the KCC Hall 6:30pm for the first in-person potluck in more than two years!

Bring a dish to share, meet the neighbors and enjoy an historic look at the art of printing presented by the Kenmore Heritage Society.

At the April 20 Kenmore Community Club Potluck, Griffith H. Williams will take you on a lightning fast tour through the history of writing and printing. His presentation will culminate in a description of the antique press he uses, in Kenmore, to produce small volumes of original poetry, called chapbooks, as well as Good Word Walking, a neighborhood newsletter for the Moorlands community.

Williams learned the art from his printer parents. His work looks and feels as if it came from another age … because it did! At the end of his presentation, try your hand at setting type the way Gutenberg did.

Griffith H. Williams, longtime Kenmore resident, and retired Northshore School District teacher, is also a poet, printer and publisher. Using a 1200 pound antique cast iron printing press, he has produced 30 books in as many years. Each volume contains original poetry, often illustrated with hand carved linoleum block illustrations.

Using traditional verse structure, Williams explores topics ranging from history to nature. Mythological works, adhering to Welsh bardic techniques, as well as children’s literature, completes his catalogue.

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