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St. Edwards Environmental Resource Center opens

UW program brings environmental education to Northshore Schools

The Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) is a new, UW-led, environmental learning center at St. Edward State Park. With renovations complete, operations are set to begin later this summer.

Program director Lily Cason

The Center will host a broadly interdisciplinary and equity centered program integrating environmental education, research, and community engagement with the purpose of advancing public understanding, scientific knowledge, environmental equity and justice, connection with nature, environmental sustainability, and stewardship of Pacific Northwest ecosystems and the larger world.

The program is led by Lily Cason who will work with local communities and with K-12 and college and university students to develop innovative STEM field trips, teacher development workshops, and service learning projects.

“I’m excited to facilitate opportunities for young people and families to connect with the natural world and through that experience, connect with each other," Cason said in a press release. "My hope for the EERC is that we are able to provide the surrounding community, as well as the UW Bothell community, with opportunities to connect with university-led research projects, accessible experiences that include hands-on science and conservation, and to be a hub for connecting people to each other.”

Source: EERC newsletter

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