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Sound Transit ready to open U District, Roosevelt and Northgate light rail stations Oct. 2

What was once known as one of the country's first open-air malls, Northgate will soon be home to the Seattle Kraken, NHL hockey team. Along with three NHL regulation skating rinks, a training center, and Kraken HQ, Northgate will be one of the busiest transit centers in the state connected to the Link light rail station. Needless to say, if you need a ride anywhere, this is the place to be.

On October 2, Link light rail will open stations at the University District, Roosevelt and Northgate. The Northgate Link light rail station will connect you to more buses than you can shake an ORCA card at. It's 4.5 acres of transit heaven, including 284-park and ride stalls with an additional 728 spaces in surrounding lots. And that ORCA card? It's the best way to transfer between bus and train - just tap on - tap off. Tap on - tap off.

As part of the station, the new pedestrian and bike bridge over I-5 will complete a direct connection between the Link light rail station and North Seattle College and Northwest Hospital.

At the same time all 188 T-columns that support the concrete railbeds have been completed for the Northgate to Lynnwood extension that will include a nearby station at 145th. That line is expected to open in 2024.

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