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Sites for Kenmore photo enforcement under evaluation

The City of Kenmore is developing an automated photo enforcement program as part of its financial sustainability plan.

Sites for photo enforcement are under evaluation based on potential safety benefits. The program will be consistent with Washington state law, which limits the use of photo enforcement to issuing fines for red light violations and school-zone speeding violations.

Revenue from fines issued by the program will support the City’s pavement preservation and traffic safety programs.

This approach ensures road upkeep costs are shared with drivers who travel through Kenmore, not just Kenmore residents.

The next opportunity for community input will be public hearings in September, dates and times to be determined. Installation of the system will begin in December 2021.

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Masso Salmassi
Masso Salmassi
Jul 04, 2021

What district court will process these cases since Kenmore doesn't have a judicial processing mechanism?

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