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Shirtless showman, thoughtful storytelling, and Disney Princess headline final 3 NPAF shows

May 21st, 7:30pm The Shirtless Violinist

What a great Mother's Day gift! Mathew Olshefski is a classical violinist born into a musical family. He started playing the violin at age 3 along with and his brother and sister. At 18 Mathew became Concert Master of the Kansas City Ballet Orchestra before moving PNW. He has also toured with Josh Gorbin and Andrea Buocelli. In 2016 just for fun he posted a video on YouTube that went viral with 20 million views and became known as the Shirtless Violinist.

June 11th 7:30pm Rag Head an American Story

Written and performed by Sundeep Morrison in this play Morrison explores hate, hope and the American identity while she portrays 7 inextricably linked characters who's lives are forever change by one hateful act. There will be a Q&A after the show. This show is suitable for mature 6th grade students with their families and our community.

June 12th 2:00pm Spellbound in Seattle

Krista Cassidy has just returned from Disney University in Orlando, where she has been training to become a future Cinderella or Snow White. This will be a wonderful family concert of songs you know from Disney movies.

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