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Shipwrecks, legends and lost treasure

Pub Talk: Archeology on the Pacific Coast

UW Bothell Speaker series at McMenamins

Speaker: Scott Williams, archeologist, Cultural Resources Program Manager for the Washington State Department of Transportation

Where: McMenamins Anderson School, Bothell

When: Tue. Jan. 28, 2020 at 7pm doors open at 6pm

The north Oregon coast abounds with tales of mysterious shipwrecks, lost castaways, pirates, and sailing vessels visiting the coast prior to the recorded expeditions of Captains Cook and Vancouver in the late 118th century, and farther north than the known voyages of the earlier Spanish explorers.

While written off for years as tall tales or Indian myths, there is historical and archaeological evidence that at least two unrecorded Spanish ships wrecked on the Oregon coast prior to about 1750, as well evidence for English castaways or deserters, Japanese junks, and possibly other vessels as well.

Scott Williams, the lead archaeologist for the Maritime Archaeological Society's Beeswax Wreck Project, will discuss the Society's 10-year effort to locate the Beeswax Wreck, a Spanish Manila galleon that wrecked in Tillamook County near the Nehalem River. Scott will also touch upon the historical and archaeological evidence for other shipwrecks and survivors prior to European and American exploration and settlement of the Pacific Northwest.

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