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Popup StoryWalk at 2 locations in October

Looking for a fun walk with the kids? You’ll want to follow the StoryWalks sponsored by Arts of Kenmore. The walks combine an outdoor experience with a reading of a favorite children’s book.

Now to Oct. 9 – In October there are two StoryWalks in Kenmore. The first is a walk that starts at the Kenmore Hanger in Town Square. Just follow the signs to share the adventure of Beatrix, who discovers wild bumblebee nest on her way home from school. Short walk around town square. Stroller friendly.

Now to Oct. 9 – The second StoryWalk follows the Fun-loving, mischievous Fox from Fox and the Jumping Contest who returns in this charming and hilarious tale of friendship, adventure—and snacks. Start at the Redmond library for a short walk around the park next to the library. Stroller friendly.

Please wear masks and socially distance along the path as you read each page.

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