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Paint and clean week draws on a band of hardworking volunteers

The annual maintenance week for the Kenmore Community Club hall drew a diverse group of young and old volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and donated their time to keep the club's meeting hall the bright and shiny gathering place for the Kenmore community to enjoy.

Despite being closed for most of last year, the rental of the hall has come roaring back as people just want to get back together, and the Kenmore Club has provided that space for more than 90 years.

But all that gathering, dancing and meeting takes a toll on the walls and floor, so every year volunteers chip in their time to paint, clean and generally fix up the hall to keep it in good shape. This year the entire interior was re-painted, which required a ton of masking tape, acres of tarps, gallons of paint and many hands on ladders and rollers.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out:

  • David Evans, President

  • Avery Evans, Culture Youth Councilor

  • Sienna Evans, Youth Volunteer

  • Seth Karlinsey, Chief Youth Councilor

  • Fernell Miller, Trustee

  • Kathi Straw, Treasurer

  • Michael O'Leary, Secretary

  • Will French. Trustee

  • David Farkas, Member

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