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Open house showcases waterfront access proposals

Current beach at Log Boom park

The City of Kenmore is hosted an open house to allow Kenmore residents to view updated design work for the Log Boom Park & Squires Landing Park waterfront projects. The projects are designed to improve and enhance the parks and their waterfront areas to increase access and viewing.

Photo illustration of potential new beach and walkway

Log Boom Park Waterfront Access and Viewing Improve public access to Lake Washington including beach expansion, new trails and viewpoints, picnic areas, waterfront pavilion, environmental enhancements, and access for hand-powered watercraft, including a new boat rental building.

Rhododendron Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access Improve public access to the Sammamish River by constructing a new trail and boardwalk to connect the existing playfield through the natural open space to the riverfront and future dock. The project will also include improving the access drive and parking near the river, as well as environmental enhancements to the shoreline and wetlands. 

Squire’s Landing Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access Eleven acres of new park development to enhance public access to the Sammamish River. Natural open space restoration, trails, boardwalks, and viewing points will connect the park to the river and adjacent Burke-Gilman Trail along NE 175th Street. The project will also add new docks, parking and a restroom.

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