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Northshore Schools Foundation launches Skills 4 Life podcast

Northshore Schools Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new Skills 4 Life podcast, focused on high demand jobs of the future and features interviews with professionals who are thriving in a job or industry that is marked to grow over the next decade.

“We hope students and parents will be intrigued by all the possibilities out there,” said Carmin Dalziel, Executive Director of the Northshore Schools Foundation. “We want students to be able to make learning relevant and course selection purposeful, while also encouraging creative new trails that will lead to fun successful careers.”

Each episode includes information on potential careers, paths to industry growth and ways to get started now. Episodes that are already streaming include an exotic animal veterinarian, a global security expert, anesthesiologist, rocket scientist and there is so much more in store.

Episodes can be streamed from your favorite podcast provider as well as the Foundation website: .

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