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No need to push the button!

Kenmore Crosswalk signals set to Pedestrian Recall to Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Eliminating the need to touch pedestrian push-buttons is a small but very easy measure the City can take to help reduce the COVID-19 exposure risk to pedestrians, and pedestrian activity is very high right now.

As a temporary measure of caution in our public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, all traffic signals owned by the City have been set to pedestrian recall. While the signals are set to pedestrian recall, a pedestrian walk-phase will be requested continuously without requiring activation of the pedestrian push-button.

Because this overrides normal signal actuation this will result in some increased delay for vehicles traveling on the higher-traffic road (Simonds Rd in this case), but with reduced traffic on city streets the impact is relatively low overall.

If you are out and about as a pedestrian, please take advantage of this change and reduce your own risk of exposure by not touching pedestrian push-buttons at city-owned signals. If as a driver you continue to notice that you encounter red lights more often than usual, please support our public safety efforts with your patience and understanding! We are monitoring travel volumes and will re-adjust the signals, or return to normal operation, either when the pandemic ris

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