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New lighting spotlights KCC upgrades

If you thought the comedy teams on the Kenmore Community Club stage were easier to see than they were last year, you were right. Thanks to Nick Freeman and with the approval of the board, the venerable community hall now has professional stage lights. 

Previously, the stage was lit primarily with residential-grade track lights, which produced shadows and dimly lit areas of the stage. The new lighting was purchased from Hollywood Lights, a company that specializes in professional stage and event lighting. The system includes a wireless control panel that allows adjusting the lighting as needed.

The cost was $2,897 for the two LED spotlights and wireless professional control board, which  will accommodate additional lights that renters may want to add to the light bar for their own productions.

Better stage lighting has long been a requested item on renters’ wish lists, and will now be an added cost item for hall rental.  Nick Freeman led the project doing the research for what was needed and getting bids for the lights. The board hopes to add to the lighting in the future to provide renters with a full range of lighting options that will open the hall to a greater range of renters.

The lights are just the latest in a number of upgrades the board of directors has made to the historic community hall over the past few years including, New roof, new interior and exterior paint, interior lighting, kitchen renovation and upgrades to the bathrooms and entryway. As a result, the hall is now rented most every weekend of the year.

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