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How does the long-term tax affect you? What are the options?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Join us for this important overview of new long-term care law

October will for the first time in 20 months be in-person and 'virtual'. Although billed as a potluck, this talk offers light finger foods for in-person attendees from 6pm to 6:30pm to welcome members back to the community hall. No need to bring a dish to share.

The presentation starts at 6:30pm with Rajiv Nagaich, JD, LLM. Rajiv, a fellow in elder law, who will focus on the new Washington state Long-term Care Law and the payroll tax starting January 2022 to pay for long-term care in your elder years. In addition Mr. Nagaich will discuss navigating senior years planning.

Regardless of your age, you will want to hear about this talk by Mr. Nagaich.

What: October 'potluck'

Date: Oct. 13, 2021

Time: 6:00pm in-person at KCC hall, 7304 NE 175th St. Kenmore, WA

Time: 6:30-7:30pm presentation

(Masks required for seating inside the hall.)

Mr. Nagaich will be discussing:

  • The new long-term care tax

  • Finding & Financing Long-Term Care

  • Protecting the Right to Quality Care and Quality of Life

  • Asset Preservation

  • Property Agreements

Rajiv is an elder law attorney licensed to practice in the State of Washington. He is nationally recognized for his cutting-edge work with seniors for which he was inducted as a fellow of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys in 2014, becoming a handful of attorneys to receive this distinction.

Rajiv hosts a weekly radio show dedicated to the needs of those aspiring towards successful aging and those struggling with the issue. Over the years he has served as President of Life Care Planning Law Firm’s Association, a board member at Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, member of the advisory committee at John Marshall School of Law and has been active with many other organizations.

Rajiv has taught elder law at the University of Washington and Seattle University as an adjunct professor, and has been guest lectures at other law schools. He is a published author on the subject and teaches his unique planning methods with other elder law attorneys. He received a bachelor’s degree from India, his J.D. from Seattle University and L.L.M. from University of Washington.

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