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Kenmore Names New Police Chief and City Attorney

Brandon Moen is Kenmore’s new Chief of Police

Kenmore City Manager Rob Karlinsey has named Brandon Moen as Kenmore’s next Chief of Police, with an effective date anticipated in the first half of November 2019.

Chief Peter Horvath has served as Kenmore’s Police Chief since February 5, 2018 and will be promoted to the rank of Captain in the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO). As a result of his promotion, Chief Horvath will be promoted to another assignment in the KCSO.

“I’m happy for Chief Horvath and his promotion, but we are going to miss him,” said City Manager Karlinsey. “He has accomplished a lot as Chief and has built meaningful relationships with the community.”

Dawn Reitan, J.D. will continue to serve as City Attorney

At its October 14th, 2019 meeting, City Manager Rob Karlinsey appointed Dawn Reitan of Inslee Best Doezie & Ryder P.S. as the new City Attorney and the Kenmore City Council approved an agreement for city attorney services with Inslee Best Doezie & Ryder P.S.

The City has contracted with the law firm of Inslee Best Doezie & Ryder P.S. for municipal legal (i.e. city attorney) services since the mid 2000s, and Reitan has served as the Acting City Attorney for the City of Kenmore since Rod Kaseguma’s retirement earlier this year. 

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