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Kenmore joins community policing effort to reduce use of force incidents

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

North Sound RADAR is a collaboration between the police departments of Kenmore, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, and Kirkland.  The program addresses the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral health issues and/or developmental disabilities. Using community policing strategies, the purpose is to decrease use of force incidents between police and these individuals and to reduce the repeated and inappropriate use of emergency services. 


  • Develop individualized de-escalation strategies to reduce police use-of-force incidents during encounters with people with behavioral health (BH) and developmental disabilities (DD)

  • Collaborate with a mental health professional (RADAR Navigator) to connect individuals with BH/DD to existing services and treatment.

  • Reduce repeat encounters with first responders and increase the effectiveness of police responses.

  • Create cost effective community-policing strategies and promote increased collaboration between deputies, persons with BH/DD, caregivers, and families.

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