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Kenmore Farmers Market exceeds expectations

Club members Kathi Straw, Linda Appell, Michael O'Leary, Bharati Khandekar chat with a Kenmore newcomer about the club.

The Kenmore Community Club participated in Kenmore's Farmers Market on Aug. 3 with free popcorn, a virtual quiz and lots of conversations with visitors interested in the club. Many thanks to board members Bharati Khandekar, Kathi Straw, Michael O'Leary, and member Linda Appell for staffing the booth.

The Kenmore Farmers Market which began June 1 has greatly exceeded expectations with more than 1,000 attendees each week. It was a one-year pilot program that ran each Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm from June 1 to August 31 on 181st St. adjacent to Town Square.

The event attracted a wide variety of vendors ranging from local fruit and produce farmers, to bakery goods, flower sellers, food purveyors and more. By the numbers:

  • 14 non-profits

  • 18 volunteers

  • 21 vendors

  • 1,072 weekly attendees

  • $13,090 estimated weekly revenue generated

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