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Kenmore Community Youth Council furnishes nook

The Kenmore Community Youth Council furnished its alcove meeting space within the Kenmore Community Club rental hall. The nook is used for council meetings and just hanging out. It will also be an add-on for hall renters who may wish to use the space as a dressing room, or quiet corner for guests.

The furnishings were bought with the help of Kenmore Community Club President David Evans, who found the items on an online buy and sell site at tremendous bargain. The items shown were purchased for a total of $370. Still on the list to purchase is a coffee table and some lights.

Established by the Kenmore Community Club, the Kenmore Community Youth Council serves to reach out and connect young people in the greater Kenmore Community, according to board member Ms. Fernell Miller, who conceived of the idea and acts as the advisor to the council.

The council meets on the first Wednesday of each month, but has had to meet virtually since the restrictions were placed on gatherings.

When restrictions are eased and the council can begin meeting again, the furniture will give them a comfortable place to hold their meetings.

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