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Kenmore Club board to build on past and expand scope for 2020

As a result of the elections for the KCC board at the Dec. potluck, the make up the board members remains largely the same with the exception of newest board member Fernell Miller who stepped in to the position formerly held by Jay Greening, who chose to step down at the end his term.

Fernell is a faculty member and counselor at Inglemore High School and has been advisor to the school's Black Student Union for several years. Fernell's passion is for mentoring youth growing into adulthood and in particular helping black youth of Northshore gain a sense of belonging to the community. Her first initiative on the board is to form a youth council of the Kenmore Community Club as a way to get more young people involved in the community as a whole and the Kenmore Club in particular.

In addition to Fernell, David Evans (president), Omur Muitingalu (vice president), Kathi Straw (treasurer), Michael O'Leary (secretary), Baharti and Ron Lackey (regular board members), and Nick Freeman (at-large member) all agreed to remain on the board another year and were elected unopposed.

2019 saw a number of improvements in the club facilities including new lighting, new stage lighting, the addition of round tables, restoration of wood beam arches and the new maple hardwood flooring. In addition he club launched a new website and community calendar, which have increased awareness of the club in the community and a substantial increase in newsletter subscribers.

The new board plans to build on the success in 2020 and expand into new areas of community engagement through a youth initiative. If you are interested in getting involved in the Kenmore Community Club, use the contact form on the club's website.

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