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Kenmore city launches newlook website

Visit the fresh site and stay up to date on city happenings

The City of Kenmore is excited to announce the launch of a new look and feel for their website,!

The new site will not only provide a clean and easy to navigate look, it will also have new tools to communicate and find useful information about what is happening in the city.

A few perks of the new site:

- Mobile-friendly

- New and improved accessibility features

- Enhanced searchability of documents and projects

- Clean, easy to read and navigate

“The goal of creating this new website is to enhance the community’s online experience with the City of Kenmore by making it easier to connect and find valuable information,” said Communications Specialist Lauren Chomiak. “We worked to prioritize the needs of our users by making the most searched for information the easiest to find. We are really happy with the results.”

Featured on the homepage, you will find 5 “Call to Action” buttons that lead users to information they would most likely search for such as permits and information on city projects. You will also find emergency alerts, newsletters, press releases and news items directly on the homepage to help residents stay informed.

The new site can be accessed now at the same URL as before, While much of the old site’s content was transferred and updated to the new website, there are still final touches being done to refine the new site. Those having any difficulty or wanting to give feedback can

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