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Kenmore City Council to Discuss St. Edward Ballfield Renovations Feb. 3

The Kenmore City Council will discuss and consider next steps for the SEPA environmental process for the St. Edward Ballfield Renovation Project at a Special Meeting on Feb. 3, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Kenmore City Hall.  

State Parks acting as the SEPA lead agency recently completed the Phase 1 EIS Scoping process. The purpose of scoping was to narrow the focus of the EIS analysis to significant environmental issues, to identify reasonable alternatives, and invite public participation. 

The City reimbursed State Parks for the consultant costs associated with the EIS process.

Before proceeding with Phase 2 of the EIS (the draft and final EIS process) and incurring additional costs, the City Council will consider potential options including: 1) continuing with the EIS process; 2) reducing the number of alternatives (e.g. turf or lighting) considered in the EIS; or 3) stopping any further expenditures on the project.

The meeting agenda will be available here the Friday before the meeting.  Public comment can be made at the Feb 3 meeting during the public comment period, or, for anyone unable to attend the meeting in person, written comments may be submitted in advance of the meeting to Kelly Chelin, City Clerk

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