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Kenmore City Council adopts Financial Sustainability Plan

Plan balances Kenmore’s budget through 2028

Kenmore, WA – On October 26, 2020, the Kenmore City Council adopted the Financial Sustainability Plan to balance the City of Kenmore’s budget for the next eight years. The Financial Sustainability Plan was developed over the last year by a task force of community members through discussion and thorough consideration of data and public input. To read the adopted plan and the accompanying policy discussion and analysis, go to

The plan calls for adding revenue sources, cutting expenses and programs and rebalancing priorities. On the revenue side things like photo traffic enforcement, a taxes on cable, property, solid waste disposal and water and sewer services are expected to increase.

On the expense reduction side the recommendations were to reduce costs for events, recreation coordination, school resource officers, and contracted police services among others.

The development of the Financial Sustainability Plan and a charter for a task force of seven community members was drafted when a deficit of $2 million per year by 2026 was forecast. That was even before the record financial impact of the pandemic had even arisen.

Throughout the Financial Sustainability Plan process, public input was gathered via surveys, emails, and comments at Task Force meetings. Additionally, the City of Kenmore deployed an online interactive tool known as “Balancing Act” to get hands-on input on how to balance the City’s budget. Hundreds of people submitted feedback through the Balancing Act tool.

For more information, visit

Source: City of Kenmore press release

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