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KCC thanks long-time past president and treasurer David Evans

The Kenmore Community Club Board of Directors bid farewell and a heartfelt thank you to long-time board member David Evans who has chosen to step down from the board after seven years.

David joined the club in 2014 and served as president from 2015 to 2021 and as treasurer from 2021 to 2023. During his tenure, David undertook renovation of the historic club building as his mission. He oversaw the residing and reroofing of the exterior, the renovations of the kitchen and bathrooms, the reflooring, lighting and sound projects. He could also be found at the club at all odd hours stripping and sanding the interior beams, or crawling under the building to install insulation.

In short he was the guiding light and driving force in renewing the club into an attractive rental hall as a place for the Kenmore Community to meet, celebrate, dance and simply gather as a community.

In addition to the physical renovations, David oversaw the rewriting of the constitution and bylaws and shepherded the club through the years-long process of filing for and achieving approval of the club's 501c3 status, and kept the club alive during the pandemic when the hall was virtually shut down for two years.

If that wasn't enough, David also launched the Kenmore Community Club Youth Council to give high-school kids a chance to learn about developing and sustaining a community organization with opportunities to lead, organize and contribute to the community.

Board President Nick Freeman expressed the board's deepest gratitude to David and presented him with a crystal plaque as a token of the club's appreciation for David's extensive contributions.

"We all know that being a volunteer board member for organizations such as the Kenmore Commnity Club can often be a thankless task, and it always consumes much more time than one might think," Freeman said. "David's contributions have been invaluable in keeping the Kenmore Community Club a vibrant and valued community resource."

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