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KCC kids close the barn door on activity space

KCC members Derin Muhittinoglu, Sienna Chin-Evans, Deniz Muhittinoglu and Avery Chin-Evans

As part of the continuing upgrades to the Kenmore Club’s rental hall interior space, Board members David Evans and Omur Muhittinoglu and their kids, Sienna, Avery, Deniz and Derin built and hung new barn doors to enclose the activity space on the northwest corner of the hall.

The new space will be furnished with a comfy sofa and chairs to be used by the Kenmore Club Youth Council and will be an add-on for renters who might want to use it for their functions.

David designed the doors with structural support boards that echo the newly stripped beams of the room. He and Omur installed the hardware, while the kids helped assemble the doors.

Another big improvement thanks to dedicated club members!

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