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Join us for a holiday potluck and secret Santa gift exchange!

Holiday potluck Dec. 13, 2023

The annual Holiday potluck will be held Dec. 13, 2023 from 6:30pm-9pm, and will include our usual festive White Elephant gift exchange.

Join in a 90-year Kenmore tradition of sharing a meal with friends and neighbors on the first Wednesday of each month at the Kenmore Community Club. For the December potluck, we like to bring in the holiday spirit with festive fare, music, and a fun White Elephant gift exchange.

For the White Elephant gift exchange each player (participation is optional) brings one wrapped gift to contribute to a common pool of presents. Participants draw a number from a basket and when their number comes up they are allowed to choose a gift from the unwrapped gifts, or steal from a previous player. Once a gift has been "stolen" twice it can no longer be taken by a subsequent player.

To keep things fun, there is a $15 limit on gifts, and you don't need to purchase something new. You can regift that ugly sweater you got last Christmas if you like. Kids are welcome to participate, but be sure to explain the rules of the game so there are no hurt feelings.

Potluck/Election Details

6:30 -7:00 pm check-in and sign guest book.

7:00 - 7:30pm Bring a dish to share and reconnect with friends and neighbors. We love to sample each other's family holiday dishes.

7:45pm - 9pm White Elephant gift exchange

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