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Get involved and give back to the Kenmore Community

Kenmore community members volunteered to help distribute food during the pandemic

Strong communities are built by the citizens who get involved and contribute their time and talent in a myriad of ways, from coaching youth sports to driving seniors to doctor appointments, to pitching in to clean up a city park.

As members of the Kenmore Community Club we are committed to helping build a stronger community by supporting our local non-profits, businesses and arts by participating in local events AND by volunteering to help.

As part of our goals for 2022, the Kenmore Community Club will be working to increase awareness of and promoting more volunteer opportunities in our Northshore community.

Over the course of this year, we will establish a page on our website with links to volunteer opportunities in the Northshore community. Here is a starter list of volunteer opportunities in the Kenmore area:

Northshore Senior Center needs volunteers for these positions:

  • Food drive/Food pantry

  • Yard work

  • Kitchen helper

  • Drivers

  • Custodian

  • Facilities coordinator

  • Front desk reception

  • Grant writer

The City of Kenmore has volunteer opportunities for:

Police Citizen volunteers

Special event programs

Adopt a street

Park Stewards

Student Volunteers

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