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For the Love of Kenmore: What's your vision?

What improvements would you like to see, and how will you take an active role in that change?

The City of Kenmore is inviting the community to share ideas as co-creators in a virtual, interactive workshop on April 5, 2021 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

This annual workshop was inspired by community engagement expert Peter Kageyama and creates an opportunity for the Kenmore community to discuss ways to spread a love of Kenmore throughout the city. Previous events have brought numerous projects to life, including the mural along 73rd Avenue Northeast, painted fire hy- drants, Kenmore Air Seaplane Fly-In and block parties.

“Create your own love notes to uplift Kenmore and surprise and inspire us all,” urges Kenmore Mayor David Baker. “If you have a creative idea that brings fun and delight to those around you—go for it! Make it happen. What’s your idea?”

Watch for more details at or on the City of Kenmore’s Facebook page.

Source: Kenmore Quarterly, Winter 2021

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