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Hear the Kenmore Air story with Chief Pilot Chuck Perry

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Join our second virtual potluck for a fascinating look at the history of one of Kenmore's oldest businesses

Three high school friends reunited after World War II and founded Kenmore Air in 1946. With one airplane and a single hangar near a swamp at the North end of Lake Washington.

As with many great companies, Kenmore Air Harbor’s beginnings were modest. The company overcame many anxious roller coaster moments in its infancy to become one of the largest and most respected seaplane operations in the world.

This talk is part of the Second Wednesday Speakers series of virtual potlucks hosted by the Kenmore Community Club. So grab your mac-n-cheese or your pizza slice and your laptop, tablet or mobile device and join us for a fascinating look at the history Kenmore Air.

March 10, 2021 6pm

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Winston Evans
Winston Evans
Mar 11, 2021

Will the recording of yesterday's talk be shared out publicly? I was not able to join in time.

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