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First ever COVID compliant drive-in white elephant gift exchange set for Dec. 9

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

COVID can’t stop annual KCC gift exchange and canned food drive

Revised 12/5/20

Get ready for the zaniest white elephant gift exchange ever, at the Kenmore Community Club, Wed. Dec. 9, 6-7:30pm. Get a $5-$10 gift, wrap it up and bring it with a canned food donation to the KCC parking lot. You are invited to a drive-in, totally compliant, white elephant gift exchange and canned food drive in the KCC parking lot.

The usual White Elephant rules will apply, you choose a gift someone else brought, unwrap it and if you want to keep it, you do. If you want to trade it for something someone else has, you can do so once. The only difference is, due to the social distancing rules required, it will all be done car-to-car, think curbside pickup for restaurants.

There will be two categories, gifts for kids, with the kids exchanging gifts first, followed by the adult division. All gifts will be put on a table in the middle of the parking lot and a masked club member with do the exchanges. Bring a canned food item to donate to the Kenmore Food Bank for our neighbors. As always KCC Club President David Evans will emcee/referee.

To make this event festive everyone will be asked to tune their car radios to the same Christmas station so we will all have holiday music to keep things festive.

To keep everyone safe, people will stay in their cars and wear masks. A masked club member will be on hand to bring the gift of your choice to your car. Using Microsoft Teams everyone will be able to view the gifts and ask for an exchange if desired. If you want to exchange, the club member will take the gift from your car and exchange it for the gift you've chosen from another car.

There will be no gathering outside of the cars to ensure safe social distancing, and with everyone wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and gloves we will keep things germ-free.

Here are the particulars:

WHO: Anyone who loves Kenmore Community Club (Members and Public at large). Grown-ups AND kids welcome.

WHAT: Drive-in white-elephant gift-exchange done from the safety of your cars all on a Teams call. Don't forget to bring canned food items for donation to the Kenmore Food Bank.

WHEN: Wed. Dec. 9, 6-7:30pm

WHERE: Parking lot of the Kenmore Community Club.

HOW: Each car must bring at least one $5-$10 gift with your name on it, which we will be set on a table in the Club parking lot. One person from each car will choose a gift and open or steal from someone else via Team call. Expect pandemonium.

HOW MANY: To get done before midnight, we'll need to cap this at 30 adults and 20 kids.

WHY THIS CRAZY FORMAT: Creativity in compliance saves a Holiday tradition! 2020 has been a blur, but this will preserve a decades-long tradition while staying COVID compliant!

We all need to observe the safety guidelines of the King Co and WA State Safe Start mandates.

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