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Construction begins on park makeover

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Strider Construction Company began work on the ƛ' a Xw a d i s, and pronounced Tl' awh-ah-dees makeover at Squires Landing in late December and early January.

The work included surveying the property, erecting perimeter fencing, erosion control measures, gravel construction of a road through the site, clearing/grubbing including trees identified to be removed, tree protection fencing for those being protected during construction. That work will continue for several weeks.

Strider also began work allowed during the winter In-Water work window for the lagoon, Creek and River in mid-January. To confirm the location of the King County trunk line, they will drill potholes to ensure there are no conflicts with it when pile driving begins for the boardwalk installation. Other In-water work includes the construction of the Swamp Creek Habitat Benches.

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