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City seeks volunteers for financial task force

The City of Kenmore requests letters of interest from residents, business owners and employees of Kenmore businesses to serve on a new City Financial Sustainability Plan (FSP) Task Force from January to May 2020.

Due to State-imposed limits on property tax growth, flat growth in other revenues, unfunded state and federal mandates, and other factors, the City’s operating revenues are not keeping pace with the cost of doing business. As a result, the City of Kenmore faces an upcoming structural deficit in its operating budget (General Fund and Street Fund). Unlike a one-year deficit which could be fixed by reducing costs, structural deficits grow over time.

While the City has been adopting balanced budgets, operating expenditures could start exceeding revenues as soon as 2021.  Re-evaluating priorities, services and revenues can help bring a budget with a structural deficit back into balance.

What’s Next?

After completing a community survey and independent validation of financial forecasts in the fall, the City will convene a City Financial Sustainability Plan Task Force (CFSPTF) in January to review the City’s financial forecasts and budgets and make recommendations to the City Manager on how to resolve the structural deficit. 

To see more information on the purpose, support and structure of the task force, see the CFSPTF Charter.

For more information about the FSP, visit the City's website at

How Can I Apply?

All Kenmore residents, business owners, or employees may apply. Two spots are preferred for community members who have work or experience with business, finance or management. In general, though, Kenmore actively seeks task force members that reflect the diversity of the community. Meetings will be twice per month, likely on weekday evenings from January through May.

Please submit a letter of interest explaining your background and interest in serving on this task force to by Friday, December 2, 2019. The City Manager will select task force members by early to mid-January at the latest.

Thank you for your consideration of this important volunteer opportunity.

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