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City of Kenmore seeks volunteers for Independent Investigation Team

Volunteers would be tapped to serve for investigation of police use of deadly force should that ever occur

Although the Kenmore Police Department has never had a fatal use of force incident in the city’s 22 year history, Washington’s Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act requires that an independent investigation team (IIT) investigate any use of deadly force by a police officer when it results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm.

The City of Kenmore is seeking volunteers from the Kenmore community to serve as non-law enforcement Community Representatives if an independent investigation becomes necessary to investigate the use of deadly force by a Kenmore Police officer.

The City Manager will work with the King County Sheriff’s Office to appoint up to ten Community Representatives to a roster. If an independent investigation is required, individuals would be selected from the roster to serve on the IIT that meet background and conflict-of-interest requirements. The goal of the IIT is to enhance accountability and increase trust between law enforcement and the community.

f you are interested in applying to be a Kenmore volunteer non-law enforcement Community Representative, please fill out and submit the application by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 to

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