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City issues building permit to club for storage shed

The new shed will provide more storage space

The City of Kenmore has issued a building permit to allow the Kenmore Community Club to build a storage shed to replace the current aluminum on on the back lot of the club’s property.

The new shed will be assembled from a kit purchased from Costco and at 8 feet X 12 feet will be large enough to store lawn maintenance equipment as well as provide additional room for storing tables.

The shed will be relocated from the current location on the north edge of the patio to behind the stage. That will provide additional usable outdoor space for renters.

The Kenmore Community Club has been closed to rentals since early March, but the club continues to make improvement to the club. When allowed to reopen, renters will find beautiful barn doors enclosing an additional nook space with furnishings that replaces the little used Blue Heron bar.

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