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Chicken Little was right, eventually disaster will strike, will you be ready?

Join us for a 'virtual potluck' March 9 for emergency preparedness planning

Prepared or not emergencies are going to happen, so putting a priority on getting ready can make a big difference in how you get through an emergency.

To help Kenmore residents get ready for the next disaster, PSE's Outreach Manager Adam Crawford will talk about the steps you need to take and supplies you need to assemble for a working emergency preparedness plan. Join online for this timely and important talk that could save your life.

We all know we should have a plan to deal with an emergency, but most of us fail to do so. There is always work, the kids' schools, soccer practice, and many other everyday life chores to do, consequently, we somehow just never get around to preparing for an emergency. This is your chance to take charge of your family's emergency plan. Join us for this critical online presentation. Click this link at 6:30 pm March 9.

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