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Bathrooms renovation nearing completion

Plumbing and electrical had been installed at the time of this photo. Drywall and flooring should be in by end of February

Renovations on the Kenmore Community Club hall bathrooms is continuing as planned, although as is common with such construction projects a couple of unforeseen delays have pushed the opening of the new bathrooms into March.

When complete, the new bathrooms will comply with American with Disabilities Act and, we hope, provide renters and guests with a more attractive and functional facility, with a better layout, and attractive design and finishes.

The project was made possible by a Landmarks Capital grant of $23,490.00 from the 4Culture foundation. In addition to that grant, matching donations for volunteer time from Microsoft, Google, Boeing, and Phillips along with savings accumulated by the club made the entire project possible without incurring debt.

There will be an open house to allow club members to come in and view the remodel sometime after the project has been finished. Details will be announced when more is known.

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