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Annual Board election goes virtual on Dec. 2, at 7 pm

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

As with everything else in a pandemic, voting this year will be virtual and limited to eligible members who attend a online meeting on Dec. 2, 2020 at 7 pm. A link for attending the meeting will be sent via email to each member the morning of the election.

Connect with the community, vote for our leadership

Kenmore Community Club members are urged to get involved and help to keep making the club better and growing by joining the board. All members in good standing (current with annual dues) are eligible to run for an open board position.

After serving two two-year terms, Regular Trustee Ron Lackey has decided to not to continue for another term. Will French, a technical writer at Google who does stage and lighting design for the plays at the Club, will be running for the one-year Trustee at Large position

Once again president David Chin-Evans, vice president Omur Muhittinoglu, treasurer Kathi Straw, secretary Michael O'Leary have agreed to run for another one-year term. Bharati Khandekar, Fernell Miller, and Nick Freeman have agreed to continue to serve as Regular Trustees.

If you are interested in serving, contact David Evans ASAP and specify which position you would like to run for.

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