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Volunteers make Kenmore strong

As part of our goals for 2022, the Kenmore Community Club will be working to increase awareness of and promoting more volunteer opportunities in our Northshore community.


Over the course of this year, we will be building and adding to this page to connect Kenmore residents to their community through links to volunteer opportunities in the Northshore community. Here is a starter list of volunteer opportunities in the Kenmore area:


Northshore Senior Center needs volunteers for these positions:

  • Food drive/Food pantry

  • Yard work

  • Kitchen helper

  • Drivers

  • Custodian

  • Facilities coordinator

  • Front desk reception

  • Grant writer

Click here to apply


The City of Kenmore has volunteer opportunities for:

  • Police Citizen volunteers

  • Special event programs

  • Adopt a street

  • Park Stewards

  • Student Volunteers

Volunteer and Events Supervisor
Stephanie Brown

Farmers Market and Special Events Coordinator
Nicole Suarez


Explore more volunteer opportunities here

More Resources

Volunteer Match

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