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Ways to help our community: Volunteer and Donation directory

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

With social distancing making it difficult for us to come together to help our community in this current crisis, the Kenmore Community Club offers this resource page to provide online links with ways to donate and volunteer.

In our mission to support our community the Kenmore Community Club offers this resource list for ways to help during this current COVID-19 crisis. Food donations are welcome but complicated by the potential for spreading the virus left on packaging and box surfaces, consequently the wide variety of food support agencies have adopted a range of rules for donation. As for volunteering, there are no shortage of opportunities, check with each agency for current needs. We hope to grow this list over the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion please send it to Kenmore Club COVID-19 resource page.

  • HopeLink is requisition cash donations to support their various food bank programs. If you wish to donate emergency food there is a graphic on their site of the foods to purchase. They DO NOT want food donations left at their locations at this time. Instead they recommend leaving the food box on a neighbor’s doorstep.

  • Give Blood – Bloodworks blood donation during the COVID-19 outbreak is needed more than ever. However, during the current quarantine Bloodworks is taking only scheduled appointments at all Bloodworks donor centers. To schedule a donation, visit their corona webpage.

  • Donate PPE or cash – EvergreenHealth Foundation is accepting donations of personal protective equipment at the Physicians and surgery Pavillion at 12333 NE 130th Lane, Kirkland. Curbside donation is available M-F 8:30am to 4:30pm and Sat. & Sun 10am to 4pm. Don’t have PPE to donate, cash donations are welcome on their webpage.

  • Northshore School District has a number of volunteer opportunities ranging from childcare help through the Northshore YMCA to meals delivery. Cash donations are also welcome.

  • Lake Washington School District Pantry Packs provides Grab & Go meals for families in need. You can help with donating food, assembling and distributing pantry packs. Don’t have food to donate? Cash donations are welcome

  • Shoreline School District provides a number of community food support resources ranging from home learning resources to food support. People wishing to help out are encouraged to donate funds, grocery or gas cards and the like. For more information check the Embrace Shoreline Schools website.

  • Join the Y’s Community Response to provide child care for 1st responders, food support for kids, shelter for at-risk youth, and outreach to seniors. You can help through volunteering and cash donations. For more information visit their Community Response page.

  • King County Project CareThe County’s CARE Strategy is an attempt to identify options for service, donation and other types of support and to promote giving and volunteerism in a manner that doesn’t further spread COVID-19 or interfere with existing public health efforts. Read further for specific opportunities to contribute. The site has a wealth of donation and volunteer resources.

  • Lake Washington Schools Resource list – The Lake Washington School District has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for people impacted by COVID-19. Many of the resources also provide contact information for those wishing to support the effort either through donation or volunteering.

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