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The new West Sammamish River Bridge is now open for traffic

Photo credit – My Northwest

The new West Sammamish River bridge open lanes for traffic on Dec. 1, 2021, and while this is a major step in the project, which will provide a structurally safe new bridge with higher capacity and a 16-foot wide promenade for cyclists and pedestrians, work continues on the project.

There is still much to be done in 2022 to finish the project. Wall work, new sidewalk, and utility work along the east side of the northbound lanes just south of NE 175th St. is underway. A temporary concrete barrier has been installed on the east side of 68th Ave NE to ensure worker and traveler safety and to provide room for equipment.

As a result northbound lanes will be constricted until the barrier protecting the work zone and travelers can be safely removed. During working hours both lanes of the east bridge will be closed, and all traffic will be routed to the new, west bridge. Lanes will continue to be constricted to one lane each direction during construction hours for utility work and improvements/reconfigurations approaching the NE 175th St. intersection from the south.

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