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Sound Transit pushes Northshore Stride service to 2026

Artist depiction of 104th Ave NE Stride station in Bothell – Image: Sound Transit

On Thursday, Aug. 5, the Sound Transit Board adopted its project realignments for staying within budget in the face of rapidly rising property acquisition and construction costs. Among the projects to be delayed is the SR 522 Stride Bus Rapid Transit from Woodinville to Lake Forest Park.

The original plans had pegged service to begin in 2024, but with the realignment, service is now set to begin in 2026. In addition, plans to expand parking at the Kenmore Park & Ride has been delayed to 2034 and expansion of parking at Lake Forest Park has been pushed to 2044.

The project is currently in the planning and design phase. The project’s ultimate timeline, however, will come into greater focus as project design and property acquisition costs are finalized, including cost-saving options. The agency is pursuing efforts to secure expanded funding.

Next steps

Upcoming work to advance the SR 522/NE 145th BRT project includes:

• Board selection of project to be built (scheduled September 2021).

• Begin final design phase.

• Board authorizes project to begin property acquisition (scheduled September 2021).

The agency continues seek public participation in the work to move this important project forward. If you have questions? Please feel free to reach out to Ivonne Rivera Martinez at or 206-553-3412.

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