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Revised KCC constitution ratified at Oct. 14 online meeting

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

A group of 18 active and voting members of the Kenmore Community Club attended the virtual meeting of the club Oct. 14. The meeting was called by President David Evans for the purpose of adopting or rejecting a proposed revised constitution and revised bylaws governing the club.

The primary revision of the constitution was to change the mission of the club from a civic club organized to support policies and candidates for city laws and offices, to a charitable organization with a mission to support the arts, education, civics, recreation and locally based human services organizations that promote the well-being of the community.

The primary changes to the bylaws were to more specifically define criteria for being a voting member of the club as well as rules around meetings and maintaining voting eligibility.

The online discussion was lively, robust, and sometime acrimonious but allowed all views to be voiced and heard. In the end there were 18 voting members in attendance. There were 16 yes votes to approve the new constitution and one no vote and one abstention, which met the two-thirds requirement to ratify the constitution and approve the revised bylaws.

You can view the new constitution and the revised bylaws by clicking the links below:

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